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Learn how to connect your cable TV to your DVD or VCR player here.We list ALL the codes you will need to make your universal remote control work with all the audio and visual equipment in your home theater.Photograph: Alamy I need a good quality video capture lead or card to make copies of old VHS video tapes.Based on the information in this thread (found with a Google search), I just contacted Jots to see if they can repair a JVC HR-S7200U S-VHS VCR that refuses to eject tapes.By taking out the old separate VCR and DVD players, you can free up valuable shelf space and declutter the mess of wires behind your television.

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The VHS player was a kind of technology from the late 20th-century known as a video cassette recorder, or VCR.DVD players are usually cheerful, obliging machines, but start messing around with them, and even the cheap ones can become dusty little prima donnas.

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While VHS players are considered obsolete technology at this point, you can still hook a VHS player up to most TVs using either a coaxial cable or a set of AV cables.You can just buy a 250G HDD (it can be either internal or external HDD), capture the video onto the 250G (best to have the capture drive alone, with all regular software, including the capturing software, on the C Drive).Widely popular in the 1990s, VHS players are have become mostly obsolete with the introduction of the next generation of technology.

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Fortunately, for the time being, if you buy a new LCD or 4K Ultra HD TV, you can still connect your VCR to it and playback those old VHS videos.Have a GE VG2058 VCR that plays sound but has a scrambled picture.

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Pick one VHS tape and one DVD and enjoy your own double feature with a fresh bowl of popcorn.

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However, time is running out -- at some point, all analog video connections may be removed as an option.


We have cable service and I want to record shows to play them later.

DVD player DVD, CD audio, Dolby Audio, Enhanced Accessibility.Boasting sleek, streamlined designs and sophisticated, yet simple-to-use features, our video players put.

Some manufacturers make a DVD VHS player that allows you to.When you adjust the tracking control, you are skewing the relationship between the control track and the heads to try to get a closer match to the bands on the tape.To get rid of dust accumulated around the vents and the disc tray, spray a can of compressed air into the vents.

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VCR 2 PC is a VHS tape player, just like a VCR, and it features a simple, easy USB connection so you can connect your computer and take your videos wherever you want them.

If the problem persists, try to see if you can get your hands on an alternate VCR to try.Whether you enjoy watching your collection of Blu-ray or DVD movies, listen to your favorite audio CDs or simply browse the content offering of Netflix, VUDU or YouTube this device offers it all.Finally, connect the DVD player again to your TV and the power outlet.Hooking Up a VCR and DVD to a TV with One Cable Plug Hook the incoming cable from either the antenna, satellite, or cable system to the VCR.

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Bring back the good ole days by hooking up a VHS player to your television for old movies, laughs, and reminiscing.

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Back Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Question (5) Will a software update fix my Philips TV issue.You can hook your VCR to that, and then hook your converter box to the VCR input.You can also dub from VHS-to-DVD or DVD-to-VHS, provided the content being dubbed is not copy-protected.With my later Sharp VCR connected to AV2, I get only black and white.

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A dvd recorder can do the same as a normal DVD player but also copy dvds for u,,u can watch something on TV an record it to the dvd so u can view it later.