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Sure, Stadium Events and the Nintendo World Championships are worth some big money on NES, but Atari has some games that easily compare with those from a pure value perspective.Use the VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, and OFFSET functions to find related data in rows and columns in Excel.Add Atari to the growing list of companies to pivot to cryptocurrency.Atari will soon attempt to re-enter the console business with the Atari VCS, a set-top device that will play classic Atari games and also do much more.Name: Description: EMU7800: This is an Atari 7800 emulator by Mike Murphy for Windows with.NET framework installed.And if that were the case, why did Atari choose to launch an aging 2600-based console rather than waiting to enter the Japanese market with a far more advanced.

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Get in touch with me, and send me 3-4 photos, and give me a general idea of current working condition and within 24 hours I can give you a ballpark value of your old video game.This is likely due to more people owning a 2600 than any other classic gaming system.

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We offer a complete inventory of 8 Bit Atari computer repair parts (down to component level, Switches, I.C. Chips, plastics.) as well as complete computers and replacement Motherboards.

The Atari 5200 was released in 1982 as the successor of the Atari 2600.The Atari 2600 hardware design experienced many makeovers and revisions during its 14-year production history.

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A bizarre move, it was as if Atari had realized their losing strategy with the 7800, and wanted to immediately change gears and take an entirely new approach.

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Headquartered in New York City, Atari, Inc. employs approximately 150 employees across the U.S. Currently one of the largest third-party.The Atari 2600 is probably the best known games console of all time.To browse Atari 800 ROMs, scroll up and choose a letter or select Browse by Genre.

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Prices are updated daily based upon Atari 2600 listings that sold on eBay and our marketplace.

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